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Tony Hawk - Perched

Every trick looks like a last trick. But the moment you see that last trick you know the legend is still a legend!
Taking vert riding yet again to a higher level. (even one foot inline skating!)

(Click image to go to the video!)

9 months ago


How To: Stabilizing Footage

This might be useful for a lot of skateboarders trying to make a cool video. Thanks to undersk8 for letting me know about this!

10 months ago


How to Ollie - Trick Tip

The ollie was invented by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand in the 1970’s. The Ollie is an important trick to learn not only to get up curbs, but because the Ollie is the “base” of most skateboard tricks. Before you can jump stairs, 180, or grind, you first must learn how to ollie.

Find the Right Place to Learn
To start, find a flat and quiet area. You want the board to be completely still – not rolling- when learning this at first. You can even first try on carpet or dry grass.

Foot Position
Both of your feet should be straight, not angled. Your toes should be behind the front edge of the skateboard. Place your back foot on the tail of the board so that the big ball beneath your big toe aligns near the center.

Your front foot should be just behind the front four bolts. However, you do not want it on the same half of the board as you back foot.

The Two Steps to the Ollie
I have been teaching the Ollie for years and the best way I’ve found to explain it is by using these two steps: The Pop and The Slide of the Front Foot.

Step 1. Pop This is done by hitting the tail to the ground with the back foot until you hear a “pop.” You want a hard pop with power so that your Ollie will be higher. The pop lifts the front of your board.

Step 2. Slide of the Front Foot Forward After a little bit of delay, you will slide your relaxed front foot (relaxed enough so that it can roll a little) up to the nose of the skateboard. The more delay you can practice after the pop, the higher your ollies will be.

When you slide the front foot forward, you want to align the ball of your foot beneath your pinky toe with the center of the nose. This will help you have the best ollies. You will want to slide the front foot forward with power. You will want to slide it all the way to the nose. A foot that doesn’t reach the nose will result in a lower Ollie.

Upper Body and Center of Balance
This is skateboarding and you really want me to focus on upper body? Yes, of course. Your shoulders and hips will affect where your feet are and where your center of balance is.

Keep your shoulders level. Extend your hands past the ends of the skateboard, if possible, and do not twist your hips or shoulders forward. You will want to keep your center of balance so that it is centered between your feet.

If you drop your weight back, you may fall or have a lopsided or “mobbed” Ollie.

You will want to level out your board in the air and keep your feet and shoulders over the bolts of the skateboard. Ideally, you want to land all wheels at the same time.

When you have landed the Ollie stationary, practice it while moving.

1. Start Ollies Stationary
2. Try them rolling
3. Try them over small things
4. Try them off and up onto curbs, ledges, and stairs

This article was written by Rob Dunfey, the founder of Go Skate Skateboard Lessons which is one of the largest schools in America. He has taught over 1,000 kids personally. His school has been seen on ESPN, FOX, and About.com. Visit his site to learn more about their lesson programs in your area.

1 years ago


Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" - A Backyard Progression

1 years ago

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Skate Effect

Okay boys and girls, the moment you all have been waiting for. New blog post!

Here's a video by liquid_zero5. I wouldn't normally post members' videos on the blog but I found this one to be pretty cool.

Have a good Spring everyone.

1 years ago