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Another Spencer?

We all remember William Spencer. Yeah, that is the guy that did the front flip done the set. Well, here is a video of his brother. Prepare yourself for three minutes of unique, sick skating.

Episode III

Globe has brought us a third episode of the United by Fate series. There is great transition skating, big stairs, kinked rails, and much more for your viewing pleasure... All in under 19 minutes!

New skateboard trick tips

Thanks to zooyork232, we got some new trick tips, with pictures and video clips!

Nollie bs 360 shove-it trick tip

180 boneless


Fs 180 ollie

Forward flip

More to come, stay tuned!

7 years ago


Fun Session

A big thing that a lot of people forget is to have fun skateboarding. This video should show you how to have a nice, fun session.

Ollie over moving car

MikeV17 let me know about this awesome video: someone ollies over a moving car. Pretty insane if you ask me.

7 years ago