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Fun Session

A big thing that a lot of people forget is to have fun skateboarding. This video should show you how to have a nice, fun session.

Ollie over moving car

MikeV17 let me know about this awesome video: someone ollies over a moving car. Pretty insane if you ask me.

6 years ago


Nosemanual Madness

If you think you have got a mad nosemanual, I guarantee that this guy has you beat.

Skateboarding Accomplishments

Here is a couple of videos with some crazy, well known accomplishments that has been done throughout time. You have probably already saw some, but who knows, maybe a bit of it will be new to you.

Mike Carrol, Fully Flared... On EA SKATE?

I thought this was pretty neat. A recreation of Mike Carrols Fully Flared part, done on EA SKATE.