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Blink 182 is back!

In case you missed the news: Blink 182 is back together, I believe a new album will appear this summer!

6 years ago


When weather kills skating

We have all been in the situation where weather has its way and keeps us from skating. Rain, snow, and even wind can be an extreme sport disaster. But when the ground is wet or the air feels like needles due to a humid chill, there are other ways to keep you in tact with skateboarding.

#1: Find Somewhere Indoor to Skate

Maybe this is a given, I will let you decide. The first thing I do when weather is in the way of a great session is think of an alternative place to skate. If you have an indoor park that should probably be your best bet - but everyone does not have an indoor park nearby. Well where can I skate if I do not have an indoor park nearby? Parking garages are great. They usually have super smooth ground and lots of skate obstacles including stairs and banks. Covered pavilions is another option. Maybe they lack terrain but bring some friends and play SKATE or whip out the flatbar. Your car garage can be fun as well. Build yourself a micromini in it, crank up your tunes and stall away. About everywhere has some sort of covered area that will keep you dry (but maybe not warm). Explore around so you will not be stuck at home while you could be skating.

#2: Watch Skate Videos

Sometimes this just makes you want to skate more but I think it is a good time consumer. Watching videos not only inspires you to try new invented things but it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Next time the snows got you trapped in pop in a copy of Fully Flared or Nothing But the Truth and enjoy. There is no excuse to totally do without skating when you are in a skateless situation. You can find many video parts all over the internet on sites like YouTube and Google Video. Too lazy to search? Check out the how2skate archives for a lot of videos posted throughout the how2skate era.

#3: Play Skate Video Games

Video games with skate simulation such as EA Skate and Tony Hawks Pro Skater is a great way to pass time when waiting for your opportunity to shred. Of course you went feel the rush of jumping down some stairs nor would you feel the wind in your face from a nice hill bomb but it is indeed better than nothing. Look for new gaps and try to beat your high score. Recreate your skater and beat the game over. However, I would not recommend this being your only escape, it will get old eventually.

#4: Tech Deck it Away!

Tech Decks may not be as exciting as the real thing but it can still be fun. The great thing about Tech Decks is they are so inexpensive (usually under 5USD). It takes practice to get used to, just as actual skateboarding does, but once you get the hang of the motion you have endless possibilities to keep your mind stimulated. There is tons of tech-park equipment you can purchase additionally including quarter pipes, rails, stair sets, tables, benches, half pipes, pyramid, kickers, etc. or you can create your own terrain. Books, dvd cases, and boxes work well. You are only limited to what you can think up!

#5: Magazines, Ezines, Forums, and Blogs

This is probably what I do most when I have a bummed day. Dig out an issue of The Skateboard Mag or log online and check out some Ezines. If you do this often you will stay up-to-date with the skate industry and know what is blowing up in the skate scene. Also, reading is good for you. If you are not a magazine kind of person, then come visit the how2skate forums. There is always something to talk about and it will keep you busy for hours. Also there is tons of blogs (including this one) to keep you busy as well.

Hopefully after reading this blog you will notice that the only thing keeping you from skating while there is some bad weather is you! There is lots and lots of skate-related things to keep you busy until you can go out and skate for yourself.

RIP Van Wastell

You was an awesome skater and you will always be in our memories, RIP.

Power of the Yeti

So the yeti, aka Chris Haslam rips hard on the Stage 10s.

Forums are open again!

We allow new registrations on our skateboard forum again.

Note that you still need to create a seperate account for the forum.

Enjoy your summer!

7 years ago