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Please help me decide what case to get for my new phone! (check last thing on your mind topic!)

2 years ago

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Just ordered a Xiaomi Mi2S! Looking forward to trying it out!

2 years ago

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Damn... I\'m so bored..

2 years ago

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League of legends.. the most addicting game ever.. so bad for my grades

3 years ago

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Shouts are looking good!

4 years ago

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About me

Not much, stopped skating since a while now..

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
I once skated for like 18 months or something..
I could ollie 3 decks, all shovits except switch fs, kickflip, double kickflip sometimes, heelflip, fakie bigspin, fakie kickflip, sex change, fakie bs heelflip, landed a few fakie bs flips, varial kickflip, fakie varial kickflip, nollie bs 180, switch shovit, switch shovit rewind, shovit rewind, bs and fs 180, fakie bs and fs 180, 360 shovit if im lucky, 50-50 ledge, bs boardslide, 5-0 small ledge and i think thats all...

Best trick ever landed: Double Heelflip!

Favorite skateboarder
Chris Cole

Current board setup
Trucks: Thunder
Deck: Blanc deck
Bearings: Speed demons
Wheels: Blanco

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