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country United Kingdom
cake 17 years (13 Oct)

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Street skating
Park skating
No vert skating

No fakie tricks
No switch tricks
Nollie tricks


RIP Tupac Shakur

3 years ago

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About me

Hey hows it going, I'm Big Homie, I'm 15 and from Southampton. I'm just a novice at boarding, but I'm getting better quickly. I like Chilling with my crew.

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
I've been skating for maybe 6 months, and I just enjoy cruising and hanging with my crew at the park. I've shot a couple edits but there has been no replies from sponsors. I can ollie, pop-shuvit, kickflip and nollie, but thats about it for tricks. :)

Favorite skateboarder
Mike Vallely

Current board setup
Deck: Handmade 8" deck
Trucks: Independent stage 10 series 139
Wheels: Fracture (blank) 52mm
Bearings: Independent 5's
Hardware: Fracture
Grip: Fracture

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