gender Male
country Norway
cake 20 years (19 Mar)

coins 843
respect 17

Street skating
Park skating
No vert skating

Fakie tricks
Switch tricks
Nollie tricks


About me

Well, i've actually been skating for a good 4 years now (with a lot of long breaks), and enjoying it once again!

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Trick list:
Actually a lot of stuff, when you look @ it

Ollie, Nollie, SW ollie
Pop Shuvs, both fakie and nollie
Kickflips, also fakieflips
Heelflips, fakie heels too.
Half cabs, and bs 180s at times too.

I also know some miniramp shit, Rock to fakie, Rock 'n roll, 50-50 stall etc.

Favorite skateboarder
Eric Koston, Stefan Janoski, Lenny Rivas, and so god damn many others..

Current board setup
Trucks: Royal Raw
Deck: Enjoi, Caswell Berry 7.6"
Bearings: Dunno :)
Wheels: Almost Dot Coms 53

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