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Street skating
Park skating
No vert skating

Fakie tricks
No switch tricks
Nollie tricks


Moist <3

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About me

I LOVE YOU!!! :)

Why hello good rainbow ponys :/
My name is Liam Smith i live the worst town in the world name Gympie in QLD, the skatepark is alright but some of the street spots are MAD!!!

I like Rock/Metal and Screamo music

My favorite bands are.....

Rise Against
Escape The Fate
Bullet For My Vallentine
A Day To Remember
Dragon Force
Owl City
Sonic Syndicate

Kris smells like pickles and the jew stole my wallet and stole my identity AWWW !!!PEACE!!!

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
K, well i just started skating again after 4-5 months ago. But i really started skating March 2009

Trick List.....Ollie, Nollie, Shuv - it, Pop Shuv - it, Fakie big spin, Bigspin (sometimes), Heelflip, Kickflip, Varual Kickflip, FS 180, BS 180, FS 360 (off a things) 50 - 50, 50, Smith

And allot of other shit i CBF'd to type

Favorite skateboarder
Bam Margera - Shuriken Shannon - Corey Duffle - Ali Boulia - Mikey Vallely

Current board setup
-Deck - Unearthed Skate' n 'Moto Yellow/Black
-Trucks - Destructo 5.0 Purple/Gold/Black
-Wheels - Zoo York 52 Black/Gold/White
-Bearings - Modus 9 Black

Stay in touch!