gender Male
country United States
cake 19 years (12 Jan)

coins 360
respect 2

Street skating
Park skating
No vert skating

Fakie tricks
Switch tricks
Nollie tricks


hey kris look at the trip trick forum i have a couple more vids and trick tips for you

6 years ago

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yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! i an nollie bs shovit!

6 years ago

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yeahh my respect went from neg 4 to 0

6 years ago

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i landed some clean kickflips today

6 years ago

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i landed a couple heels yeah

6 years ago

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About me

i love to skate
i also dirtbike and play guitar

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
i have been skating for about 5 or 6 years but i have only been able to do tricks for about 2
minus the long winters

i can kickflip, premo, manual, premo flip, ollie, 180, axel stall, drop in, boardslide, 50-50, shuvit, saran wrap, nollie bs shovit, switch nollie fs shovits and nose stall

I can land a varial kickflip but i land 45 degrees from straight and not that often

i have landed an impossible but i cant very often
i can almost casper
i can heelflip but i can't land it correctly
i can almost land a nollie fs shovit

Worst bail: i got messed up on an axel stall and triped off a grind box and fell on my sholder on pavement

my skateboard went up my but on a kickflip too which hurt really bad

Favorite skateboarder
Eric Kosten or Ryan Sheckler

Current board setup

New board:
BOard: K-12 mini-logo
Trucks: Classic independents
Wheels: Spitfires
Bearings: BOnes Redz
Risers: Luckys from other board

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