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country United States
cake 28 years (21 Apr)

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Street skating
Park skating
No vert skating

No fakie tricks
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Got a psvita finally. Now for some sol replublics and time to skate.

2 years ago

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Time to put up the board until spring.

3 years ago

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Back on. How is everybody?

3 years ago

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Had a Jibarito after three years. The best Puerto Rican sandwich ever.

3 years ago

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So tired of work! I need a new job!

3 years ago

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About me

Started skating when I went to live in Puerto Rico. Now I'm a die-hard who looks up to Chris Cole (The Man) as inspiration. I'm an artist and I would love to design board graphics one day.

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Got my first board from Tres Palmas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Met a cool skater named Charles near my house and started skating the Tres Palmas parking lot ramps at night. Also met Chicago skateboard legend named Johnny.

Moved back to Chicago due to hard times. Started skating the streets of Chi-town.

Favorite skateboarder
Chris Cole

Current board setup
Right now. Black Tensor mids. Black Darkstar 99a wheels and bearings. Speeddemons board. 7.75. Some crap.

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