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People should take 10 seconds to read the rules before spending hours posting tons of spam.

11 days ago

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I\'ve been a bit inactive for a while, but I feel totally excited about this site again!

23 days ago

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Also, the work would go a lot faster if I didn\'t have to delete so much spam everyday.

1 months ago

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Working on some new features for the site. A lot of work, but it will be cool.

1 months ago

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Looks like lately I\'m only here to ban the spammers.

1 months ago

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About me

Other than skateboarding, I'm interested in webdevelopment (after all I created this site) and punk rock music.

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
I started skating in 2003 after seeing the Rodney Mullens clip in the THPS2 game.

Many years later I'm still very much in love with the sport, even if it's in a more passive way than before.

Favorite skateboarder
Rodney Mullen

Current board setup
Blacklabel deck
Phantom 2 trucks
Bones Reds bearings
Blank slick wheels

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