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1 Day left befor we are out for summer and i got the 16/7 scedual.

3 years ago

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Going for an ALL DAY SKATE DAY tomarrow. Hitting the vert ramp and a little street action too.

3 years ago

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I skiped Monday and stayed at the skatepark! Best School Monday EVER!!!!

3 years ago

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Im stuck in school and cant get out. Cant wait untill this SUMMER when im going cruzing in LA!!!

3 years ago

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contacting the Board for my town and hopefully have a convinceing enough argument for a Skate Park

4 years ago

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About me

Im new to skateboarding yet i put in at least 8 hours a day (8 PM to 4 AM) and have been going full speed every second of it for the past month. Im deticated to skateboarding and I dont care who knows it.

Skateboard information

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Favorite skateboarder
Bam Margera

Current board setup
Board: Zero Blood Skull Deck, Black/Red, 7.625-Inch

Trucks: Fury Evo II 5.0" Mid Graphite Skateboard Trucks - 7.75" Axle

Wheels: Powell-Peralta "Mini Cubics" 64mm 95A White Skateboard Wheels

Bearings: Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings

and Hubba 1" Skateboard Hardwair

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