gender Male
country United States
cake 26 years (1 Jun)

coins 0
respect 0

Street skating
No park skating
No vert skating

No fakie tricks
No switch tricks
No nollie tricks


About me

Im just an average guy getting back into skateboarding after some years dormant hoping to get better. (might be a while. lol)

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Started skateing back when i was 10 or so for a couple years, and now im back at age 20. very rusty though only thing that stuck was ollies. lol

Favorite skateboarder
Bob Burnquist

Current board setup
I just bought a cheap deck but it isnt bad might need to change the wheels and such, but a great canadian maple 7 ply board. abec 7 berrings probably no name will need to change when i get my balance back, but for the overall 38 dollar price awesome board. :)

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