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Today, I skated until my feet bled.

3 years ago

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Just got out of school yesterday. Got up at 8:00 today, got 3 more months of Summer. Ahhhhh =D

3 years ago

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Off to San Francisco tomorrow morning! Bringing my skateboard too of course =D

3 years ago

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Just got my first respect point! This site is the best skating community to be part of =D

3 years ago

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3 years ago

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About me

-I Live in California, near LA.
-I have been Skating for 2 years now.

My current trick list (tricks I can do):
Nose Manual
BS Ollie 180
FS Ollie 180
Body Varial
Ollie into Manual
Ollie into Nosemanual

BS Boardslide
FS Boardslide
FS Noseslide

Indy Grab
Nose Stall

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
I've been skating for about 2 Years. I started with my little brother's World Industries deck that he NEVER used. My fourth, and current, board is a World Industries deck that is technically 6 years old, but was kept in wrapping and stored safely that whole time. It is not in production anymore. I know a lot about skating, grew up in a big skating community, I'm well footed and do a lot of hill bombing. Tricks are very hard for me to learn, I'm working on landing Kickflips and Shuv-Its. I also am a frequent longboarder.

Favorite skateboarder
Rob Dyrdek

Current board setup
World Industries deck
World Industries Trucks
Autobahn Wheels
Reds Bearings

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