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Had a quick 20min sesh before rain

24 days ago

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I\'ve been a little inactive lately. But now I\'m back.

3 months ago

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Reading chemistry. Oh god.

3 months ago

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Watching the old 007 movies. Classics.

4 months ago

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Ah. I\'m gonna be 18 years old tomorrow! Which means that I\'m an adult then.

5 months ago

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About me

I like playing video games and skateboarding. Sometimes I play bass guitar but not that much anymore. I also think about enviromental stuff(evolutionary biology, ecology etc.) a lot and I'd like to be a biologist or a teacher.

I skate and gym etc. to keep myself in fit.

I'm kinda old school/creative(whatever) skater. Don't like my style? Fine.

I feel that skateboarding is a way to express yourself: You do what you want, when you want, however the f**k you want, and not caring what other people think. If you can do it and want to, then do it and have fun.

Bag of tricks:
I do ollies, axle stalls, handplants, nosegrab tailstall, mute tailstall, bonelesses(curbs, ditches, even on ramps), beanplants boneless grinds, handflips, cavemans, manuals, reverts, powerslides, early grabs and stuff like that. Currently learning: Layback air

I like(Not in specific order) :
-good food
-chilling out

I dislike:
-hating others skating
-mainstream phenomenona; music&videos
-some music genres
-global warming

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Worst bail:Broked my left tibia.
When and why did you start skating?
Skated few years not so often, now I'm trying to skate more.
It's pretty much chilling out though. I try to combine different styles together and do my own stuff.

Favorite skateboarder
Mike V& Al Partanen.

Current board setup
What I ride:

Main setup

Deck: Elephant Brand Skateboards: Street Axe 9.5"x32"
Trucks: Independent Stage 11 149
Bearings: Bones Reds
Wheels: Spitfire Classics 54mm
Others: Jessup griptape, blank riser pads, Sparta hardware

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