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cake 21 years (19 Jul)

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Street skating
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Vert skating

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I\'ve almost got backside flips on lock

3 years ago

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go skate day! im gonna get my 540 flips down 2day

3 years ago

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got my varials, kickflips, double flips, and 360 shuv its down, now im finally ready for tre flips

3 years ago

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what r the best type of shoes to skate in?

4 years ago

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just got a new board, black label cruiser, sector 9 wheels

4 years ago

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About me

I just started skating, well i used to when i was a kid, and i was pretty damn good 2, but no i have to relearn alot of stuff so yah

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
tre flip down 6 steps(age 12)
1st boardslide(9)
pop shove it to 180 nose manual (today)(kind of accident)

Favorite skateboarder
i dont have a fav pro

Current board setup
grizly tape, sun diego deck, darkstar trucks, blind wheels, no ryders yet

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