gender Female
country United States
cake 19 years (20 Jul)

coins 216
respect 2

Street skating
No park skating
No vert skating

No fakie tricks
No switch tricks
No nollie tricks


it\'s my birthday!

2 years ago

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Tired of theese people posting 6 times in a row just fof coins.

3 years ago

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Rode a skateboard in wal-mart.

3 years ago

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gotta new hermit crab named corphish!

3 years ago

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i get to skip school tommoroew

3 years ago

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About me

Im amber, i like skating and video games.

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
I use to skate a few years ago but quit i got back into a few months ago and broke my board recentley, so no skating for a while.My tricks:
bs shove-it

Favorite skateboarder
torey pudwill,chris cole,p-rod

Current board setup
none :(

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