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Street skating
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Fakie tricks
Switch tricks
Nollie tricks


Need to check in here more often tbh

1 years ago

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merry christmas y\'all!

2 years ago

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I need a new board haha

2 years ago

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Back on how2skate and after a year+ of not skating finally got back on a board!

2 years ago

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What\'s up y\'all? Back on H2S

2 years ago

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About me

instagram: joewaaang
twitter: joewaaang

i'm of korean descent although born and raised in chicago, illinois.
i'm a sophomore in high school.
i like playing skate and flatground.

contact me with any questions regarding the site on my guestbook or ask for my email! I frequent this site all the time, so I'm on at really random times :)

my youtube channel is:
like my vids, comment on em', favorite them, and suscribe! :)

Ollie (all variations)
Ollie North (all variations)
Bs/Fs Popshuv (all variations)
Bs/Fs 180 (regular, fakie, nollie)
Kickflip (regular, fakie)
Varial Flip (regular, fakie)
Heelflip (regular, fakie, switch)
Varial Heelflip (fakie)
Inward Heelflip (stationary only)
Bs Heel (regular, fakie)
360 shuvit (regular occasionally, fakie)
Fs Fullcab (fakie)
Fs/Bs Bigspin (fakie)

Fs/Bs Boardslides, 50-50s, lipslides, boneless 180s, fs no-comply 180, etc.

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
skating for 4 years now.
started in the summer of 08'

Favorite skateboarder
jaws, cory kennedy, shane o'neill, theotis beasley, marc johnson

Current board setup
board: Blank
trucks: Thunders
wheels: Bones STF 52mm
bearings: Spitfire Classics
grip: Mob
hardware: Lucky

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