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country New Zealand
cake 17 years (3 May)

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Street skating
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Vert skating

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Just 1000 coins!! thanks guys definitely didnt spam, and im proud of that! got 6 respect

2 years ago

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I just realised how much H2S must get in revenue from these ads!

2 years ago

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I\'ve been on H2S at school every day for the last week

2 years ago

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Whats your guys favourite cereal ?

3 years ago

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When is there going to be a new post on the home page?

3 years ago

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About me

Im a 15 year old skater with a camera!

I love the world of skating, I try get my friends sponsored by making videos and puting them on YouTube :)

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Just started...

I can land: Fakie Pop Shovit, Nolli Shovit, Half Cab, Fakie Frontside 180, Pop Shovit, Kickflip, Fakie Tre Flip, Frontside 180, Backside 180, Backside boardslide, Ollie, Revert and more

Favorite skateboarder
Sean Malto & Paul Rodriguez

Current board setup
Dysfunctional Deck (size 8)
Fresh Grip
Diamond Supply Hardware
Silver M Class Trucks (size 8)
Bones STF wheels (52mm)
Bones Red bearings

Stay in touch!