gender Male
country Netherlands
cake 22 years (24 Sep)

coins 286
respect 40

Street skating
Park skating
Vert skating

Fakie tricks
No switch tricks
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4 months ago

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Finally some free time on my internship to check out H2S again...

1 years ago

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playing Assassins Creed 3 lately... damn the weather here isn\'t getting any better.

1 years ago

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doing projects etc.

2 years ago

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lvl 20 templar on Assassins Creed Revelations Multiplayer

2 years ago

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About me

I've been on H2S for a long time.
Finally after several years I managed to get promotional projects from Vans, Etnies, local skate and snowboard shops.
Don't think about free stuff (except for stickers), since I design props and banners for them with help of POS.

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
well, I started skating at my 7th year, but then skateboarding went way down with populairity, I was the last one so I quit. later on when I was 13 I found out there were more skaters and they still excist in my neighborehood so I started again, but now with tricks. still I'm lousy at skateing, my fav. trick is an bs 360 popshove it with a fs 180 bodyvarial(quite strange but hey, I'm proud that I can do that!:P), my hardest trick is the airwalk because I need enough hangtime,
but lately, the skatespots here are getting non-skateable; security, grindblocks etc. so we need to travel allot to find a close spot(well, it's like 5 km away I think) but still.... we need a new spot

Favorite skateboarder
William Spencer, Bam, Chris Cole, Chris Haslam

Current board setup
Trucks: Venture med
Deck: Speeddemon special
Bearings: sampled bearings (get them free from sponsor)
Wheels: Enjoi
Other: eeuhm....... grip
Shoes: Nike SB, similar to Fallen Ripper style

Fav. Tricks
stall: Rock To Fakie
grind: 5-0
Flip: Hospital Flip
Freestyle: Nose Manual
Oldskool: SpaceWalk
Grab: Indy

Best Tricks
Grind: Fakie Smith
Flip: Hospital Flip
Stall: Darkstall
Freestyle: 900-Pivot, 12M nosemanual
Grab: Airwalk

Best Combo
Blunt, rock to body varial

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