gender Male
country United States
cake 30 years (22 Mar)

coins 139
respect 1

Street skating
Park skating
No vert skating

Fakie tricks
Switch tricks
Nollie tricks


fakie tre flips are sweet

6 years ago

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About me

No information provided.

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Trick list: impossible, bigspins, fastplants, and unothadox tricks are my favs.
Worst bail:10 ft fall my first time in a bowl
When and why did you start skating?8 years old dont remember why dont care all that matters is i wont stop

Favorite skateboarder

Current board setup
Truck: destructo
Deck: plan b
Bearings: cheap ones
Wheels: spitfire
Other: fuck the dumb shit is cut into the grip

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