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Finally get some free time to skate again later!

8 hours ago

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Learnt four new tricks today!

3 days ago

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Learnt six new tricks today!

4 days ago

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The things I think about are so sad and creepy.

7 days ago

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Can\'t wait for the weekend!

8 days ago

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About me

My name is Marcus Payne. I'm from Hobart, Tasmania. I am extremely fit, good at a lot of sports and I have a great sense of humor once you get to know me. I am a very kind and accepting person. I am very loyal and I am very trustworthy.

I began skateboarding on the 13th of September 2011 at 7:13pm. I believe I was watching Rush TV at the time. Skateboarding is absolutely everything to me! I couldn't live without it. I go crazy after not skating for two days. I am insanely competitive when it comes to competition and skating with friends.

The worst injury I have ever had skateboarding is one of two things. The first is a credit card which I didn't recover from until a month and a half later. The second is rolling my ankle up to the point of needing crutches. I have been very lucky not to have broken any bones although I have come very close.

My favourite pro skateboarding is definitely Nyjah Huston. Through my eyes, Nyjah Huston has the cleanest style I've ever seen. He lands every trick perfectly and he makes it look so easy. Nyjah Huston is a Streetleague champion and to be honest I actually think the Streetleague would be absolutely nothing without him. A lot of people hate Nyjah. They usually say he has no style and can't skate at all. People who say that are extremely jealous because he is an image of what they could only dream of being.

In the near future, I am hoping to get sponsored by DC, Nike, Element and Baker. My biggest goal is to participate in Street League Skateboarding and I will stop at absolutely nothing until that goal has been achieved!

I am a huge fan of any sort of music other than metal. My favourite singer is Avril Lavigne. Her songs are amazing and very inspirational.

When it comes to my school life, I consider myself to be a bit of a nerd. I always get good grades and I'm almost always the teachers favourite student.

I love all animals. My favourite animal is a Husky and a Labrador. I have a huge case of arachniphobia. Spiders scare me so much.

My favourite movies are the Harry Potter Movies and also We are Skateboarders.

Facebook: Marcus Payne
Instagram: @marcus_sk8er4lyf_payne

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Bag of tricks:

Fakie Ollie
Switch Ollie
FS 180
FS Nollie 180
FS Half-Cab
Switch FS 180
BS 180
BS Nollie 180
BS Half-Cab
BS Pop Shove-It
BS Nollie Pop Shove-It
BS Fakie Pop Shove-It
Switch BS Pop Shove-It
FS Pop Shove-It
FS Nollie Pop Shove-It
FS Fakie Pop Shove-It
Switch FS Pop Shove-It
Fakie Kickflip
Fakie Heelflip
BS Full-Cab
FS Full-Cab
Nollie FS 360
BS Bigspin
BS Nollie Bigspin
BS Fakie Bigspin
FS Fakie Bigspin
BS Fakie Biggerspin
BS 360 Pop Shove-It
BS Nollie 360 Pop Shove-It
BS Fakie 360 Pop Shove-It
FS Fakie Bigspin
Double Kickflip
FS Flip
FS Half-Cab Flip
BS Half-Cab Flip
Boneless FS 180
Boneless BS 180
Boneless FS 360
Boneless BS Shove-It
Boneless FS Shove-It
Boneless BS 360 Shove-It
Boneless FS 360 Shove-It
Varial Kickflip
Fakie Varial Kickflip
Fakie Tre-Flip
Fakie BS Bigflip
Finger Kickflip
Varil Heelflip
BS Heelflip
BS Half-Cab Heelflip
FS Heelflip
FS Half-Cab Heelflip
Fakie Varial Heelflip
Fakie FS Big Heel
BS Kastalerial
BS Fakie Kastalerial
BS Nollie Kastalerial
Primo Heelflip
Primo Kickflip
Primo Varial Flip
Primo Nightmare Flip
Space Walk
Walk The Dog
BS 360 Pogo Spin
FS 50-50 Grind
FS 5-0 Grind
BS Boardslide
FS Boardslide
Crail Grind
FS Nose Slide
Ollie Nose Grab
Ollie Indy
Ollie Seatbelt air
Ollie over gaps
Ollie down 4-10 stairs

BS Kickturn
FS Kickturn
BS Carve
FS Carve
Fakie Roll
Rock to Fakie
BS Rock N Roll
BS Axlestall
BS 5-0
FS Disaster
Tail Tap
Nose Tap
BS Grind

Favorite skateboarder
Nyjah Huston and Louie Lopez

Current board setup
Bling Skateboard Deck - $70
Destructo Trucks - $130
Bones Hardcore Bushings - $15
Bones Wheels - $70
Modus Bearings - $79

Stay in touch!