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Landed a huge tre flip off a ledge today!

2 hours ago

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4 Days off College! More time to skate!

8 hours ago

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Some of my friends have just gotten back into skateboarding! Sweet!

17 hours ago

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I\'m starting to improve much faster in skateboarding!

2 days ago

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It\'s so hard to sleep in nowadays!

2 days ago

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About me

My name is Marcus Payne. I'm from Hobart, Tasmania. I am extremely fit, good at a lot of sports and I have a great sense of humor once you get to know me. Skateboarding is absolutely everything to me! I couldn't live without it. In the near future, I am hoping to get sponsored by DC, Nike, Element and Baker. My biggest goal is to participate in Street League Skateboarding and I will stop at absolutely nothing until that goal has been achieved!

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Bag of tricks;
Fakie Ollie
Switch Ollie
FS 180
Nollie FS 180
FS Half-Cab
Switch FS 180
BS 180
Nollie BS 180
BS Half-Cab
Switch BS 180
FS Shove
Nollie FS Shove
Fakie FS Shove
BS Shove
Nollie BS Shove
Fakie BS Shove
Switch Backside Shove
Fakie Kickflip
Fakie Heelflip
Double Kickflip
Varial Kickflip
Fakie Varial Flip
Varial Heelflip
Fakie Tre-Flip
BS Kastalarial
Fakie BS Kastalarial
Nollie BS Kastalarial
Fakie BS Flip
Fakie Frontside Flip
BS Bigspin
Casper Flip
Rail Flip
Space Walk
Walk The Dog
Nose Manual
Finger Flip
FS Bonless
BS Boneless
Boneless BS Shove
Boneless FS Shove
Boneless BS 360 Shove
Boneless FS 360 Shove
BS 360 Pop Shove
Fakie BS 360 Shove
FS 50-50 Grind
FS 5-0 Grind
BS Boardslide
FS Boardslide
Crail Grind
FS Nose Slide
Ollie Nose Grab
Ollie Indy
Ollie Seatbelt air
Ollie over gaps
Ollie down 4-10 stairs

BS Kickturn
FS Kickturn
BS Carve
FS Carve
Fakie Roll
Rock to Fakie
BS Rock N Roll
BS Axlestall
BS 5-0
FS Disaster
Tail Tap
Nose Tap
BS Grind

Favorite skateboarder
Nyjah Huston and Louie Lopez

Current board setup
Bling Skateboard Deck - $70
Destructo Trucks - $130
Bones Hardcore Bushings - $15
Bones Wheels - $70
Modus Bearings - $79

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