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I left my skateboard at home! -_-

16 hours ago

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Nyjah Huston is just amazing. No one could possibly reach a higher level of skating!

2 days ago

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Such a great sesh ended early due to rain but had so much fun!

5 days ago

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12 hours at the skate park with my new board. I can\'t wait!

6 days ago

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Just bought a new deck and I can\'t wait to skate it!

6 days ago

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About me

Skater for life!

Add me on Facebook: Marcus Payne
Follow me on Instagram: @marcus_sk8er4lyf_payne

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
Been skating for 4 years as of September 13th 2015.

I can do an estimated 150 tricks, ranging from basics to advanced tricks maybe even more I haven't really been counting.

I'm am an all round skater and enjoy skateboarding in every form!

Favorite skateboarder
Every SLS pro! Especially Nyjah Huston!

Current board setup
Jimmy's deck 8.25"
Krux trucks 8"
Bones Reds bearings
Spitfire 52mm wheels
Mob Grip

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