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Street skating
Park skating
No vert skating

Fakie tricks
No switch tricks
No nollie tricks


This is important: http://tinyurl.com/cxn8396

3 years ago

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theres a way to ban spamers?

3 years ago

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why i canĀ“t post a video?? u.u

3 years ago

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hey!! skaters!! which one is the last trick you have landed, and how long takes you to do it?

3 years ago

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About me

i broke my arm XD

Skateboard information

Skateboard history
i skated like one year, then i broke my arm, now im skating again

Favorite skateboarder
erik koston, paul rodriguez, ryan sheckler, torey pudwill, rodney mullen, andrew reynolds,

Current board setup
i dont have board rightt know, i broke it u.u

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