Skateboarding Tricks

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Learn to skateboard with our huge selection of trick tips for beginning and advanced skateboarders.

Of course, reading the trick tips is only the first step. Practise is the key to learning new tricks! Don't give up and you'll get them down soon enough.

Basic tricks

These tricks don't require any obstacles, you can practise them on any skateable surface. Note that we listed the flip tricks in a separate category just below this one!

Flip tricks

This category lists all tricks where the skateboard makes a flip. Please check the ramp tricks section for specific ramp flip tricks.

Slide tricks

Slides are tricks where the deck of your skateboard slides over a rail or ledge.

Grind tricks

Grind tricks involve sliding one or both trucks over a rail or ledge.

Lip / stall tricks

To do a lip or stall trick, you roll or jump on an obstacle and have your board in a specific position for a moment.

Manual / balance tricks

These balance tricks can be done flatland or on a ledge/box, and are ideal for combo's.

Freestyle / oldschool tricks

Freestyle tricks are mostly flatland tricks with a touch of creativity.

Ramp / grab tricks

Most of the tricks in this section are mostly done in a ramp, but some grabs can be done in a street environment as well.

Beginners guide

This guide will cover everything you need to know to start skating, from buying your board to learning your first tricks.

Popular tricks